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“The Rule of the Artery is Supreme – When blood and lymphatics flow freely, the tissues can perform their physiologic functions without impedance. With the occurrence of trauma (physical or emotional), the tissues contract, twist and compress. The fluid flow becomes obstructed”

– Dr. Andrew Taylor Still.  The founder of Osteopathy. 

Vasculature of the Heart

Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy

​Craniosacral Therapy

These modalities work with the issues(physical or emotional) locked in the tissues or nervous system safely by the gentle sustained contact.

Cranial and Cardiovascular works are very refined approaches and may be effective in situations where no other bodywork has helped.

***This can be a stand alone session as well.

Manual Lymph Drainage

(Vodder Technique)

  • detoxification & well being

  • reduction of swelling and recover efficiently after surgeries (joint replacement, cosmetic surgery, etc),

  • better the circulation of Lymph fluid 

  • relaxation 

  • pain reduction 

Manual Lymph Drainage(MLD)  touch is very light and gentle to move superficial fluids which is right under the skin. 

​***MLD can be a stand alone session.

Stone Tower



coming soon

​Massage Therapy

Using traditional massage techniques and myofascial release for


  • Muscle tightness and fatigue

  • Increase mobility

  • Increase blood circulation 

  • Decrease muscle pain

  • Promote relaxation

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